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55. Cherry Blossoms at Daigoji Temple

Ever since the Heisan (平安) period, Daigoji (醍醐寺) temple is otherwise called as "Temple of Flowers", and I have a particular memory of visiting there as a dancer of a votive dance performance.

It was right after my Maiko (舞妓) debut, and the temple was colored in pink of cherry blossoms all over. The colors of pretty flowers, falling petals on the winds, and the blue sky...those were only things I could recall until recently, and I coudn't remember which program I danced, nor how long and how many times it was.

The other day, I visited the temple for the first time in several decades. As I stood by the stage in front of Kondo (金堂, the Goldedn Hall) where I danced, so many memories rushed through my mind. I vividly recalled the momemnt when I fell down because of my extrememly high Okobo (おこぼ, woodedn clogs only for Maiko), and the moment when my dancing got off the rhyth since I couldn't hear the music because of the noise from the packed crowd.

As I strolled there, I recalled that I danced to the tune called "Kyo no Shiki (京の四季)", which literally expresses the transition of four seasons in Kyoto starting from spring to winter. I remember wearing a Kimono (着物) in pale yellow color, and a Obi (帯, belt) in fresh green. A flower Kanzashi (花かんざし, head dress with flower ornament) of cherry blossom was in my hair.

Founded more than 1100 years ago in the early Heian period, Daigoji temple is still very famous as the site of Hanami (花見, cherry blossom viewing) especially by Taiko Hideyoshi (太閤秀吉), and is loved by Japanese people. Remembering those memoris of my youth, I felt as if I were a teenager again.

Thank you so much.

Talk to you later.






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