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In the Setsubun (節分, the last day of winter according to the old calendar) season, the scenery of Mamemaki (豆まき, bean throwing) ceremonies in temples and shrines are often broadcast on TV news programs. We Maiko (舞妓) and Geiko (芸妓) also receive requests to take parts in those bean throwing events.

Along with other guests, such as Osumo-san (お相撲さん, sumo wrestlers) and movie stars, we scattered a lot of beans and shouted “Oniha soto (鬼は外, Devils out)” and “Fukuha uchi (福は内, Fortune in)”. In addition, we dedicated our votive dancing to the god, and it was truly an honor for us.

Regarding Setsubun, there was another big event called Obake (おばけ). Perhaps today, it can be referred to as a costume play contest.

Some of us made pairs to disguise in fancy costumes together, and some Geiko made a team within her colleagues. However, when it comes to Obake, it is "the more, the merrier". I enjoyed this peculiar occasion very much, surrounded by happy funny faces of my community.

In terms of the theme, there was none. It was like "anything goes". Some disguised as Marie Antoinette and Oscar from The Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら) of the Takarazuka (宝塚) theater play. Some played a character in Kabuki (歌舞伎) play.

A Maiko played by an truly elderly Geiko was a big hit. Even our frequent customer tried to disguise. After all, the humorous ones were preferred.

At night, we traveled around from one Ozashiki (お座敷, Maiko banquet) to another in the Obake cosutumes, collecting a lot of gratuities. Our Hanamachi (花街, Maiko and Geiko district) was animated until very late.

Thank you very much.

Talk to you later.




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