“Do you know?” by Beniko, a former maiko

Speaking of Kyoto, “Maiko-san” appears in line with the World Heritage sites including Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kinkakuji Temple. Though maiko appears in drama or movie, in fact most Japanese people don’t have the knowledge of maiko. They are greatly interested in Kyoto dialect, costumes and makeup of maiko! We will introduce pleasant stories by Beniko, a former maiko.

When a Maiko (舞妓) or a Geiko (芸妓) retires, small gifts called Hiki-Iwai (引き祝い, greeting gift upon one's retirement) are sent to cu...

When I was a Maiko (舞妓), a beer garden was held on the roof terrace of Kaburenjo (歌舞練場, Maiko theater) every summer. An old Chines...

Maiko (舞妓) do not wear Yutaka (浴衣, summer Kimono made of cotton) at Ozashiki (お座敷, Parties with Maiko and Geiko. Work place for Ma...

When I was a Maiko (舞妓), sometimes I was asked what kind of items I carried in my Kago (かご, straw bag). 

The items I usually carrie...

When we Maiko (舞妓) get calls from clients, it is referred to as "Aijo". For example, it goes like this:

Hey, Beniko, you got an Aij...

It's May. All Maiko (舞妓) must have been feeling relieved by now after the completion of the busy season of sring dance performance...

Ashiarai (足洗い) is an overnight excursion trip after the completion of the spring dance performance each year.

The destination of my...

Ever since the Heisan (平安) period, Daigoji (醍醐寺) temple is otherwise called as "Temple of Flowers", and I have a particular memory...

During the training period to become a Maiko (舞妓), we are engaged in a series of very strict lessons, such as manners at Oszashiki...

It's still cold everyday, but sometimes, the hints of spring are found everywhere. For example, it's Nanohana (菜の花, canola flowers...

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Profile プロフィール

紅子 / Beniko

How do you do?

I am Beniko, a former maiko, and a staff of YUMEYAKATA Information Center.

I started the practice of Japanese dance at the age of six and debuted as maiko at the age of 15.


When I was  maiko or geiko, I participated in overseas events as a representative of Kyoto, and paraded in the Jidai festival, and sometimes appeared as an extra in the history drama.

I experienced various things.


Now, I retired. I have been giving the guide of Kyoto to the customers who come to do their sightseeing.


In my blog I’ll introduce the inside story of maiko, story only in Kyoto, nice spots  of high value, and the story of overseas business trip full of incident.


Please look forward to stories. Well, thank you for your cooperation.

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