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A Consert at weBase Kyoto

I enjoyed a concert of violin & cello at weBase Kyoto located at Iwatoyama-cho (岩戸山町), one of the community of Gion Festival (祇園祭) float.


The entrance of the hotel is already cool. Getting excited!

Free refreshment and snacks were served in a casual manner.

The music begins. They play a lot of tunes from the Beatles and the Studio Ghiburi animation films, and I enjoyed a lot.

The concert took place at the wide and cozy lounge of the hotel, with a thousand of travel-related books displayed on the wall rack. The object I was not sure what it could be when I was observing the lounge from the outside, was actually a cat shaped lantern made of Washi (和紙, Japanese craft paper).

There will be various events other than conserts upcoming at weBase Kyoto, such as cooking or Shodo (書道, Japanese calligraphy) classes. Thank you for the fun time.


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