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Chilling out at a Cafe

When I feel like to have a quiet time alone by myself, I often visit a cafe called "Tuki to 6 Pence (月と6ペンス, The Moon and Sixpence)". It's located at the corner of Takakura and Nijo streets, and the building is so ordinary that you can easliy overlook and pass by. This small sign alone is your guide.

At the front, you will be worried if this is the right door or not, because the door looks just like that of an ordinary apartment. However, as you enter, you will see a lovely room expanding in front of you.

I like to spend my time at this cafe, being completely absorbed in reading books, or even just chilling out. In this digital modern world, the cafe bans using personal computers nor tablets, and I like it too.

Tsuki to & pence

Tel: 09090588976



所在地: 京都府京都市中京区 高倉西入ル松屋町62 杉野ビル2F 二条

電話: 090-9058-8976





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