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Goshuin, Stamps Given at Shrines and Temples

Lately, collecting Goshuin (ご朱印) is in among young people. Long queues of ladies are often seen in front of the receptions of shrines and temples.

A seal of camellia is on Goshuin of Reikanji (霊鑑寺), known as a temple of camellia flowers.

This is Goshuin of Chio-in (知恩院) with stamp of Mitsuba-aoi (三つ葉葵, three leaves of hollyhock), which indicates the Tokugawa (徳川) clan.

YUMEYAKATA Gojo Information Center offers various kinds of Goshuin-cho (ご朱印帳, Goshuin notebook). Isn't it a nice idea to collect Goshuin for the memory of your stay in Kyoto?





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