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37. Fukuya Rice

Lately, I've been writing about food a lot. This time again, I would like to introduce you my favorite Yoshokuya (洋食屋, Western casual restaurant) from my Maiko (舞妓) days. The restaurant's name is Fukuya (富久屋).

I remember how much I loved dishes at Fukuya. For example, we often ordered box lunches or pork cutlet sandwiches to be delivered to our dressing room of the theater. Also, these dishes were often delivered to the Ozashiki (お座敷, a banquet with Maiko and Geiko) venue.

I particularly liked the box lunch with bite-size croquettes and hamburg steaks. My second favorite was Fukuya Rice (富久屋ライス) as you see in the picture above. It is an omelet with a filling of ketchup‐seasoned fried rice topped with tomato pieces and green-peas. It was so colorful and pretty to my eyes that I screamed when I first saw it. Originally it was invented by a request from a Geiko (芸妓), and it is definitely Instagrammable today!

I had never known that the restaurant was established one hundred years ago, until I learned it on a TV program. No wonder why everything there was so delicious!

At our Yakata (屋形, Maiko house), an elderly lady called Abachan (あばちゃん) was the chef for our everyday meals. When she was taking a day off or in the case we had an early Ozashiki, I always ordered Fukuya rice for my supper.

There must have been many other dishes at Fukuya, but I can recall my favorite ones only.

Thank you very much.

See you soon.






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