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30. Someone I Saw on TV

To be honest, I am not good at remembering faces and names of people. I often had troubles with remembering the customers so that I used to make a list of customers with the features of them.

That was after my Erikae (衿替え, a ceremony at which a Maiko becomes a Geiko). I was walking alone around Tenryuji (天龍寺) temple in the Arashiyama (嵐山) district, and saw a man with a familiar face walking toward my direction. I tried to recall where and when I saw the man, and while passing each other, I heard myself saying "Hello. Long time, no see".

I even said "It's nice to see you again", and the man replied "yeah, pleasure's all mine". As I thought this man was from Tokyo, I continued, "Is this a private or a business trip?", and he said "This time it's private". "Oh, it's so nice. Please have fun. See you around", I replied and he said, "Thanks a lot!". He bowed lightly and walked away.

Several days later, it suddenly occurred to me that the man I saw on the street was actually a famous TV personality. Having assumed that he was one of my customers at Osashiki (お座敷, Maiko banquet), I spoke to the man I had never met as if I had known him.

Though I was a total stranger, he was very kind and didn't mind speaking with me. My face turned red with embarrassment when I realized the fact, but my heart was grateful for his gentle attitude.

Thank you so much.

Talk to you soon.




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