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Arashiyama Maple Festival

On November 11, the Maple festival is to be held at the Arashiyama district in Kyoto. The festival is held in gratitude for Arashiyama Zaoh Gongen, the guardian deity of the district, and the visitors can learn history and culture of the Rakusai area while enjoying the grand view of famous autumn foliage. In addition, a variety of traditional theater plays are performed on a theater boat on the Oi river. It can be a wonderful day to enjoy the brocade of autumn foliage in red and gold.

Date: Sunday, November. 11

Time: 10:30 am~(Cancelled if it rains)

Admission: free


10 mins. on foot from Saga-Arashiyama station, JR Sagano line

5 mins. on foot from Arashiyama station, Keifuku line





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