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One Day Private Taxi Tour!

We present an exclusive one-day-private tour plan in collaboration with MK Taxi! It comes with a reasonable price with kimono rental fee included. The drivers all experts in Kyoto sightseeing introduce you a variety of nice places to spend a day in Kyoto.


In collaboration with MK Taxi, we present a series of sightseeing plans in Kyoto! Please make a reservation, and let us take care of everything including: transportation from/to the hotel, renting kimono in Yumeyakata, and of course the sightseeing.

The service is not only for overseas travelers. It's very convenient for Japanese customers too.

Up to 9 ppl. The start time can be chosen from 9:00, 10:00, 10:30 am.

*Please make reservation at the link below, by 5:00pm, 2 days earlier.



Don't worry if it's raining! The driver picks you up at the hotel. Easy!

Get dressed in Kimono at YUMEYAKATA. It's so exciting!

Please chose your favorite Kimono from many variations. Our dressers are all experts. Optional services, such as hair styling and make up, are available*.

*Prior reservation required.

Let's go to the town in a chartered taxi!

An expert driver guides you around. If you wish to visit places which are not included in the course, please consult with the driver. It will greatly facilitate your sightseeing!


1. Gourmet Course

Let's visit Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, Fushimi Momoyama castle, and have green tea sweets at the Uji shopping street

Yumeyakata→Fushimi Inari Taisya→Fushimi Momoyama Castle→Fushimi Otesuji Shopping District→Uji Shopping District→Sightseeing in Uji District→Yumeyakata


2. Yuraku Course

Please enjoy the atmosphere of the Higashiyama and the Shijo Kawaramachi area

Yumeyakata→Seiryuden→Heian Shrine District→Kiyamachi, Ponto Cho District→Nijo Castle→ Nishiki Ichiba Market→Yumeyakata


3. Keikan Course

Let's go around the spots famous for energy boosting, such as Fushimi Inari Taisha and Iwashimizu Hachimangu.

Yumeyakata→Fushimi Inari Taishaya→Fushimi Momoyama Castle→Otesuji Shopping Street→Shokado Garden→Iwashimizu Hachimangu→Yumeyakata


Price (Kimono rental fee included)

 *For hair styling and makeup, a prior reservation required.

Number of poeple Fee/person Total

9ppl     9,889yen  89,000yen

8ppl    10,375yen   83,000yen

7ppl    10,286yen   72,000yen

6ppl    11,833yen   71,000yen

5ppl    12,800yen   64,000yen

4ppl    14,500yen   58,000yen

3ppl    17,333yen   52,000yen

2ppl    23,000yen   46,000yen




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