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2. New Year’s Ceremony

A Happy New Year, my readers! Hope you enjoy wonderful holidays!

Every year in this season, I always recall the New Year's opening ceremony annually held on January 7th. On that day, we Maiko (舞妓), Geiko (芸妓) and Okasan (お母さん, female owner of tea houses) get all dressed up in Montsuki (紋付, the most formal crested kimono) to attend the ceremony of Tea Houses Association, in which

the Top ten Maiko and Geiko are awarded based on the sales of the previous year.

The fee to call Maiko to Oszashiki (お座敷, Maiko banquet) is called Ohana-dai (お花代, flower fee) in Kyoto, whereas Gyoku-dai (玉代, jewelry fee) or Osenko-dai (お線香代, incense fee) in Tokyo.

I aspired to be listed in the top ten, and my Okasan told me that I must. However, I couldn't make it for several years. With this in mind, I tried my very best to improve my Maiko skills including dancing and conversations. I even incorporated comedienne kinds of attitude. When I finally won the prize, I was so happy feeling as if I was walking on air.

Maiko's new year starts like this.

Thank you very much.

Talk to you soon.







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