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12.Going to Tokyo

After my Omisedashi (お店出し, Debut), I had an opportunity of business trip to Tokyo accompanying my mentor Oneisan (お姉さん). At first I thought I was lucky, but now I know it was a regular practice to all new Maiko (舞妓).

Since there was another new Maiko in our YAKATA (屋形, Maiko and Geiko house), the six of us, including me, the other new Maiko, our Mentor Oneisans, Okasan (お母さん, female owner of Yakata), and Aba-chan (あばちゃん, a maid at tea house), had the trip together. Dressed in Western outfits, with my hair untied, I got on Shinkansen (新幹線, Bullet train) feeling as if I were a regular high school students.

The travel was funny. All of us were not accustomed to traveling: I was only 15 years old, our Oneisans were still in their 20s, Okasan and Aba-chan seemed never got out of Kyoto. As we arrived the big city, we realized that the transit from subways to Loop line was almost impossible with our poor knowledge and experiences.

Because we seldom use money. If we get on a taxi, someone will tell the driver where to go and pay. We don't speak nor buy anything. We didn't even know how to buy subway tickets. I mean all of us were like that.

In this trip, I stayed at a hotel for the first time in my life, and everything I saw was new. I was extremely touched and blown away by the series of new experiences. I know I was naive, but Maiko was meant to be that way.

However, later I became an expert of business trips. I visited many places within Japan and ever overseas. I truly appreciate it and am grateful for wonderful opportunities I was given.

Thank you very much.

Talk to you later.



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