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Time Doh Cafe & Shop

At west side of Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Palace), northward from Karasuma street, Time Doh Cafe & Shop is located. It’s a complex of a cafe on the 1st floor and a gallery on the 2nd. Its beautiful construction is more than 100 years old and fully renovated. The “Time Doh” is named after their former business as a clock shop run at the very same building.

*Doh means room, chamber, or accommodation.

1st floor of Time Doh

It’s really relaxing to wait for dishes in the warm natural sunlight by the gigantic glass-paneled window commanding the outside. In Time Doh, they serves fine cuisine with seasonal fresh veggies from contracted farmers, as well as homemade meat products such as bacon, etc. It’s also very nice to try limited dishes of the season!


Western and Japanese tastes are combined in one dish and I guess everybody will like it.

I bet you have heard about Hoji-cha (roasted tea)? Time Doh serves not only plain Hoji-cha, but also Hoji tea latte as well as Hoji tea coffee. Well, I ordered Hoji tea latte and was stunned by the first sip! Especially after adding the ginger sauce, I felt very warm.


They also offer little cute sweets called “Ankuro”. Four kinds of traditional bean pastes, such as Maccha (green tea) , plain, seasonal limited cherry blossom, and green beans, are sandwiched by the layer of cream and pie-crusts.

Hoji-Cha Tasted French Toast

Looks like Aburage (fried toifu), and but it's not. It's a Hoji cha flavored French toast accompanied by ice cream and sweet bean paste!

Guests can select the sauce from ginger or dark syrup. I chose the dark syrup, but the toast itself was already nice without the syrup.

Today’s Pasta

This is the daily special pasta. Guests can choose one from tomato, basil, cream, or oil flavor. I am sure that you will be satisfied since the volume was large! Click here to see the menu.

Inside the shop

Gallery “Rakkei Kohbo” at the 2nd floor

*Kohbo means a factory

The products are all by collaborations of selected modern artists and traditional Japanese artisans.

The unique color chart is designed by Time Doh itself. So like Kyoto, I guess.

Cups in Macaroon Colors! The Best Seller!

From left to right

Kamo nasu (Kamo aubergine)

Kamo no Asamizu (Shallow water of Kamo River)

Kohtohin no Aokaede (Green maple leaf in Tohtohin)

Akisamu no Saga giku (Saga chrysanthemum in cold autumn)

Hananari Benishidare (Weeping red flower)

Yuyu Miyakodori (Grace of White bird)

(All in 6 colors)

Since the products are completely hand made, the tone of the color of each piece is slightly different.

Folding Fans

These fans are created in collaboration with selected modern artists and traditional artisans.

Beams made of old wood material are still well preserved in the 2nd floor. It is a heritage of the old times.

Free Wi-Fi is available.

TIME Doh cafe & shop

Where: 602-8023 Kasuga-cho 426-2, Kamigyo ward, Kyoto

Tel: 075-256-8889

Open (cafe): 11:00am-9:00pm (shop)11:00am-7:00pm

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