• Akane Kibune

Matsukaze, Traditional Miso Cake

In front of Hongwanji (本願寺) temple, one of the world heritage sites, which is famous for its magnificent cathedral construction, a Japanese traditional confectionery store Kameyamutsu (亀屋睦奥)" is located. The Kameyamutsu is a regular supplier to Hongwanji, and has a deep connection with the temple.

When Oda-Nobunaga (織田信長), the ruling Daimyo (大名) of Japan, attacked Hongwanji, the temple faced a serious problem of food shortage because Nobunaga cut off the supply. At that time, the owner of Kameyamutsu created Matsukaze, a baked cake consists of flour, morasses, and white miso paste, and offered it to Hongwanji to cover the insufficiency. From that moment on, Matsukaze has become a part of the history of Hongwanji.

Aside from this, there are many confectioneries with impressive stories like this in Kyoto. Isn't it interesting to know that Nobunaga Oda appears on a story of sweet cakes!

Akane Kibune