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Visiting Mikane Shrine

In January this year, I visited a lot of temples and shrines. We Japanese do this in order to ward off evils and pray for good luck and health. Among those shrines, Mikane shrine (御金神社) is very famous as a god of financial strength.

When I passed under the golden Torii (鳥居) gate, I felt some strange power. I saw many visitors making wishes earnestly. Ever since the shrine was introduced on TV programs and magazines, many people from all over the nation has been rushing to this shrine. Indeed, it's money which everybody craves for.

I also made my prayer for money.

When I was young, I believed that love matters more importantly than money. However, now that I've grown up, and if I think super-realistically, money is absolutely important almost than anything else.

A lot of maple leaf shaped Ema (絵馬, votive tablet for making a wish) dedicated by a countless number of visitors were attached to the wall.

Akane Kibune



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