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3.Hair Ornaments with Rice Tassels

By tradition, Maiko wear the hair ornaments made of flowers and rice tassels during the New Year's holiday. The rice tassels are arranged with plum flowers made of fabrics and a small pigeon-shaped figure.

Here's a romantic saying about the pigeon figure: The pigeon has no eyes, and if the one you love draw the eyes for your pigeon, your dream of love will come true.

I remember we Maiko stayed up late during the holidays, exchanging such a girl's talk:

You still don't have eyes o your pigeon. Who's going to write?

I cannot tell you...

My pigeon has got eyes already.

What?! Show me! Who drew it!?

Then, our Okasan (お母さん, the female owner of Maiko dwelling) says, "Stop mucking around! Do Okoshirae (おこしらえ, getting dressed for Ozashiki) right away, or you'll be late to Ozashiki (お座敷, Maiko banquet).

We always ended up saying "So, sorry...".

Thank you very much.

Talk to you soon.




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