• yumeyakata

1.The end of the year

On December 1, MINAMIZA theater starts to display a set of MANEKI (name signs of actors) of KAOMISE (all star cast show) over the wall of its entrance. At the same time we MAIKOs get really busy with paying social calls called KOTOHAJIME. I don't know why but I like this busy season very much.

KOTOHAJIME visits are carried out with a word of greeting "Okotou san dosu". How come we say this?

The word KOTOHAJIME means starting preparations for the new year. The word ”Okotou san dosu” conveys a message such as, "life gets busier and busier toward the year end. Though there'll be so many things to do, please take care of yourself, ".

Now that I have entered my retirement, I still make it a rule to pay a visit to my YAKATA (MAIKO agency where they actually reside) on this day every year, bringing OKAGAMI SAN (big rice cake which celebrates the new year).