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Ozouni (Special Soup for the New Year)

Happy new year to you all!

What did you do during the holidays? Hope you had a lot of fun!

Throughout the Sanganichi (the first three days of the New Year), I had Ozouni (お雑煮, special miso soup with rice cake) made of white-miso (味噌) paste for every meal. The taste of Ozouni vary depending on the region, and in Kyoto, white-miso Ozouni is the taste of our tradition. First, make Dashi (だし, stock) with Konbu (こんぶ, kelp), put round-shaped Mochi (餅, rice cake), a whole Kashiraimo (かしら芋, middle sized taro), and chopped Japanese radish. Bring to boil, and dissolve miso paste into the stock, and then sprinkle Katsuobushi (かつお節, dried bonito flakes).

Round-shaped Mochi is a symbol for peace, no competition with others while Kashiraimo represents "promotion" since Kashira means "head" in Japanese.

When I was a child, I used to hate the texture of Kashiraimo, saying "I don't eat it. I don't want any success!", but now, I just love it. Sweet taste of white-miso makes me feel home at this time of every year.

Akane Kibune





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