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New Year's Eve at Byodoin Temple

A New Year's Eve ceremony is to be held at Byodoin (平等院) temple, where visitors can toll the watch‐night bell with other 4 to 5 visitors. The first 1000 ppl can receive a gift of votive tablet called Ema (絵馬) for the happiness in the coming next year.

Date: Monday, December 31

Time: 11:30 pm - 1:30 am in the next

Admission: Free (seeing garden, Hoodo (the Phoenix hall), Ho-sho-kan, NOT INCLUDED)

: Byodoin (平等院) temple (

10 mins. on foot from Uji station, JR Nara line

10 mins. on foot from Keihan-Uji station, Keihan-Uji line



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