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Seimei-sai, the Commemoration of Abeno Seimei

Every year on the Autumn Equinox day, Seimei Shrine (晴明神社) holds the Seimei-sai (commemoration of Abeno Seimei).

It is said that on that day, Abe no Seimei comes back to the shrine where he is enshrined. During the Yoimiya-sai (the festival eve), welcoming lanterns are lit and the Yutate Kagura (music dedicated to the god) is performed. During the Shinko-sai (the afternoon on the festival day), children make a procession with a mikoshi (portable shrine) and some of them play drums. Although the Seimei-sai is a local festival, people from the whole country come to see it.

Please don't hesitate to rent a kimono at Yumeyakata and go see this traditional event!

Dates: Sept. 22nd and 23rd 2018


Yoimiya-sai on Sept. 22nd, from 7pm

Rei-sai on Sept. 23rd, from 10am

Shinko-sai on Sept. 23rd, from 1pm

Venue: Seimei Shrine

Access: Bus stop "Ichijomodoribashi" (2min walk) Bus stop "Horikawa Imadegawa" (2min walk)

Seimei Shrine website:



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