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Hinamatsuri (Doll festival) at Ichihine Shrine

            Hina Ningyo Dolls Displayed at Oike Bettei Branch

In the belief that Hina ningyo (雛人形, dolls for Hinamatsuri, 雛祭り) protect children from accidents and illness, people display Hina dolls at home for the sake of happiness of their children.

At the Hinamaturi festival at Ichihime shrine (市比賣神社), dances by court ladies, demonstration of Juni hitoe (十二単, twelve layered Kimono) dressing, Tosenkyo (投扇興, fan throwing game), and Kaiawase (貝合わせ, shell-matching game popular with court aristocrats during the Heian period) will be conducted. In addition, a set of tea and confectionery will be served to paying visitors.

The shrine was built as the guardian deity for markets located both at the east and the west side of the Heiankyo (平安京, Kyoto, the former capital of Japan), and has become a god for women.

When: Saturday, March 3

Where: Ichihime Shrine

Access from Yumeyakata: 5mins. on foot

                 Ichihime Shrine