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Plum Flowers at Arashiyama Kameyama Park!

It’s still really freezing here in Kyoto. Usually, plum trees around the Saga district are supposed to be in full bloom by now, but most of the buds are still firm.

Having said that, the sunlight is getting warmer, and the greenery of trees are getting brighter everyday. Spring is drawing near.

At the Kameyama park in the Arashiyama district, only a few but pretty plum flowers are now blooming. If you wish to spend some relaxing time in Arashiyama, now is the time to visit before the park gets very crowded.

Access from YUMEYAKATA:

Kyoto bus No.73, from Gojo, get off at Arashiyama

YUMEYAKATA Information Center


The Katsura river in Arashiyama

Stone steps which lead to Kameyama park, located at approx. 150 meters westward from the north end of the Togetsu bridge.

      The park is filled with sweet scent of plum flowers(^^♪



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