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Autumn Foliage in Kyoto

This year, autumn leaves are even more beautiful than ever. The colors are rich and lasting very long.

The conditions for the vividness are:

1) the temperature difference between night and day,

2) sufficient sun light, and 3) constant supply of water.

Speaking of autumn leaves, people think of Kyoto instantly, right? It's because Kyoto is surrounded by mountains from three directions, and have big old rivers such as Kamo river, or Katsura river. Those excellent conditions nurture the alluring charm of autumn foliage in Kyoto.

There's still a time to enjoy wonderful views of leaves in red and gold. Why don't you come to YUMEYAKATA to find a perfect outfit for your visits.

Akane Kibune


Jishoin Temple at the top

Sagano at the bottom left

Imakumano Kannonji at the bottom right





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