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Plum Flowers, Dumprings, and Cake

It’s still cold every day, isn’t it? However, it's getting warmer atfer the Setsubun (節分, the division of the season according to the old Chineses calender).

I went to a plum flower viewing the other day and enjoyed the sweet scents of flowers in the air. White plum flowers were very charming and classy, and red ones, so lovely.

As you know, cherry blossom viewings are very popular nowadays, but in the old times, people enjoyed plum flower viewings more often.

With full of anticipation for the upcoming spring, my heart was elated. So, I allowed myself to have a Hamani-dango (花見団子, three-colored dumplings), a Sakura-mochi (桜餅, bean paste rice cake wrapped in a cherry leaf), and an western style cake at a time. I’m so full now.



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