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Kurama HIMATSURI (Fire Festival)

Kurama Himatsuri is an annual event of Yuki shrine in Kurama, a northern district of Kyoto, held on October 22 every year, and is listed as one of the top three bizarre festivals in Kyoto.

Starting at 6:00 pm, torches are lit all round the area, and a procession consists of kids, students, and youngsters, parades along the streets of the remote old village with torches in their hands, producing a lot of fire sparks. Please watch the powerful impact of the scenery! *Since the festival handles fire all the while, please be sure to visit the site in non- flammable and comfortable outfit.

When: Sunday, October 22, starts at 6:00pm

Venue: Yuki shrine

Access: 10 min. on foot from Kurama station of EIZAN railways.

10 min. on foot from KURAMA bus stop of Kyoto bus.



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