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  • 京都検定一級スタッフのマニアック京都案内

KUSHI MATSURI (Comb Festival)

Speaking of ENKIRI, breaking-off-a-bad-relationship, Yasui Konpiragu is the most famous shrine I guess. It’s always crowded with many people who want to get rid of bad relationships and wish for good ones to come.

The other day, I visited the shrine to see the KUSHI MATSURI. It’s a ceremony expressing gratitude for old used combs and KANZASHI (hair ornaments) by dedicating them in KUSHIZUKA (grave mound for combs) after the purification.

Kushi is such a symbolic item for women indeed. After the ceremony, beautiful ladies dressed in costumes and hairstyles unique to each Japanese era parade around the GION district.

I thanked and said goodbye to my old comb, feeling my girlishness was strengthen up by watching such a gorgeous parade of pretty ladies.




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