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HIGANBANA (Spider Lily, Equinox Flower)

The weather is getting pretty cool especially in the morning and the evening.

The symbol flower of this season in Japan is Spider Lilies aka HIGANBANA. It is also called as “MAN JYU SYA GE”. Along the paths in rice paddies, HIGANABANA blooms in flaming red, and its beauty often stuns us.

When I was a child, once I picked some and brought a bundle of them home. I clearly remember that my grandmother hated it and told me to damp it immediately because it could cause a fire on our house. I guess its color of very vivid carmine red reminds people of fire so that people see it as unfavorable. Well, setting aside my story, I still think that HIGANBANA blooming brilliantly under the autumn blue sky is truly beautiful.

kibune akane



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