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Talking about ARASHIYAMA, there are so many famous places to visit, such as beautiful TOGETSU bridge or the World Heritage TENRYU-JI Temple. However, the most famous sightseers’ dream can be to visit the exotic bamboo path, I guess.

As the number of overseas visitors increases, the path from NONOMIYA shrine to the Bamboo forest is getting more and more crowded. Sometimes the narrow path becomes nothing but congestion with so many people, RIKISHAs (man power cart), and Taxis. In order to solve the problem, a path for the exclusive use of RIKISHA is newly constructed. On the clean and well-maintained brand-new path, RIKISHAs led by energetic drivers come and go with happy faces of their passengers.

As for the route, we recommend this example: Depart from TOGETSU bridge to TENRYU-Ji Temple, go through the bamboo forest, and go to NONOMIYA shrine or RAKUSHISYA.

Along the way, there are many favorable spots where RIKISHA can park, to take pictures with the bamboo forest in the background.

There’s nothing like gorgeous KIMONOs by YUMEYAKATA to suit RIKISHA indeed. Please come to YUMEYAKATA to get the best KIMONO for your ARASHIYAMA visit.

RIKISHA ticket is also available at YUMEYAKATA Information Center.

Nonomiya Bus Stop is at the entrance of Bamboo Forest

The entrance of Bamboo Forest is always crowded with Tourists

In the evening, the street becomes less crowded

Area that is only allowed for the access of Rickshaw

Good atmosphere to see Bamboo Forest while riding on the Rickshaw

Arashiyama Togetsu Bridge



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