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  • 京都検定一級スタッフのマニアック京都案内

GORYO Shrine and ONIN War

GORYO Shrine, aka KAMI GORYO Shrine, enshrines GORYOs (souls of deceased emperors and noblemans in HEIAN era who died with grudges and malice).

In old times, GORYOs were believed to cause epidemics and/or natural disasters. Hence the shrine was built so as to ease the pain of tragic souls and protect the peace by worshipping them as gods. That has became the origin of a religion called GORYO Shinko accordingly.

The yard of this shrine is called as “GORYO NO MORI (yard of GORYOs)” and is famous for being the birthplace of ONIN war, erupted back in 1467, between East and West of Japan. The war was very intense and lasted for eleven years, burning out the entire area of Kyoto. Now that the shrine is in quiet peace yet its history has a significant importance.

I believe the gods enshrined here will answer your prayer by giving you the peace of mind. It’s worth to visit, especially for us living in this busy modern world. If you come, please feel the sense of the long woven history.




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