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TENRYU-JI Temple, the World Heritage

Today I’d like to introduce TENRYU-JI Temple, the World Heritage, to you!

In the ARASHIYAMA district crowded everyday with countless number of visitors from all over the world, TENRYU-JI Temple with its vast premises is located in front of the ARASHIYAMA station of Randen line. It’s a very beautiful temple which conveys invariable grace since its foundation at 14th century till today.

A magnificent obelisk with solemn and sublime dignity!

The front gate next to the obelisk. Relatively small but very elegant. Pictures taken here would be wonderful, especially when you're in KIMONO.

Right after the front gate, you’ll see this CHOKUSHI-MON. This gate was constructed in MOMOYAMA era when royal family members at that time visited the temple, and is the oldest construction within the temple.

A pride of lotus flowers in HOJO-IKE pond in front of CHOKUSHI-MON.

This is my favorite. It’s called HATTOU. It's overwhelming dignity has been capturing many visitors' heart. On the ceiling of the hall, there’s the famous UNRYU (clouds and dragons) painting by Sir. KAYAMA, a great painter of Japanese modern art.

Pay the addmission fee and let’s go in….I was greeted by a DARUMA! In the back, there is the famous iris garden.

From here, I’ll write next time. Please look forward to it!



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