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YUMEYAKATA Staff Members Joined “Enjoy Nippon-syu!!” Event at Hotel KANRA

On August 5th, YUMEYATKATA’s multi-lingaul* staff members participated in the “Enjoy Nippon-syu!!” event at Hotel KANRA. The hotel is located in 12 minutes distance on foot from JR Kyoto station offering its visitors a sophisticated time of modern yet traditional ambiance of Japan.

* French, Chinese and Korean

That was really alluring to get 50% discount of admission fee by wearing rental YUKATA by YUMEYAKATA (3000yen -> 1500yen).

If you like Nippon-syu (Japanese rice wine) , you would have enjoyed the mariage of seasonal delicacies and various kinds of Nippon-syu very much.

Stylish entrance. Let's go!

The venue is this lobby lounge equipped with relaxing tables and chairs.

There’s a bar and a shop of potteries. How nice to have a time of exchanges.

Many kinds of Nippon-syu paired with matching delicacies are prepared.

Since the event was exclusive for people from overseas, participants looked very happy with tastes of Japanese delicious cuisine.

What shall we have!?

We've decided! Marinated seafood, quality potato salad and prosciutto on salted Tofu.

Here’s to delicious food and Nippon-syu!

Free gift of lovely OCHOCO* ^^)/

*OCHOCO: small cup for Nippon-syu

Hotel Kanra occasionally conducts various kinds of events. Please keep an eye!

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