GOZAN NO OKURIBI (Great Bonfire) and Lantern Float Ceremony

To conclude the OBON season, GOZAN NO OKURIBI (the Great Bonfire) event is conducted on AUGUST 16 every year in Kyoto.

*OBON season: the period from August 13 to16, to worship the spirits of ancestors. During the period, it is said that the spirits of ancestors come back to the family.

*GOZAN means five mountains where Bonfire is lit at, including Daimonji, Myoho, Funagata, Hidari Daimonji,and Toriigata.

The Great Bonfire is commenced at 8:00pm starting from DAIMONJI (Nyoigatake mountain) of Higashiyama, followed by the remaining sites at four mountains lit one by one in every five minutes. As if telling you the finale of the summer, the spirits of ancestors would slowly rise to the sky with white smoke of the bonfire.

Aside from the TORII GATA Bonfire among the GOZAN, the TOUROU-NAGASHI (Lantern Floating) event is to be held at ARASHIYAMA district. View of lanterns sent away flickering on the dark surface of KATSURA river, and the DAIMONJI Bonfire at the far end of your sight, will surely invite you to a quiet world of fantasy.

Time: August 16, 2017. 7:00pm-9:00pm Venue: ARASHIYAMA NAKANOSHIMA Park (within Kyoto Prefectual ARASHIYAMA Park)