Let’s Go to KIBUNE ! -Secret Chamber in Greenery-

Summer vacation is getting close!

People who visit Kyoto in summer for the first time often get surprised and rather overwhelmed by the heat and humidity in Kyoto"(-""-)"

Today, I would like to introduce you KIBUNE district,

known as the secret chamber of Kyoto in deep greenery and very popular among travelers.

Get on EIZAN line from DEMACHIYAGAGI station to northward,

and get off at KIBUNEGUCHI, one stop before the terminal.

It’s really a relaxing and confortable ride for approx. 30 min.

Since KIBUNE is in the mountain area, the temperature there is about 10 degrees lower than that of the city.

Escaping from the heat in center Kyoto, many people who visit KIBUNE aims at KIWADOKO,

a cuisine served on traditional TATAMI rooms built over the river where you can enjoy dining as well as view and sound, or even a splash of fresh mountain stream.

Aside from KAWADOKO cuisine, restaurants in KIBUNE serve NAGASHI SOMEN (thin wheat noodles flowing down along the half cut bamboo pips from the upward with fresh water) .

If you try NAGASHI SOMEN, you have to catch the small bundles of SOMEN with chopsticks. The flow is rapid so that you have to be very keen. Why don’t you challenge such a interesting summer experience.