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  • 京都検定一級スタッフのマニアック京都案内

Shishigatani Pumpkin Service

It's so hot everyday, isn't it?

But the heat cannot defeat me!

Yesterday, I went to Anrakuji Temple.

On July 25th, the temple holds its annual ceremony called SHISHIGATANI Pumpkin Service. Since long ago, it is said that eating pumpkin in midsummer helps to prevent sickness. The Shishigatani pumpkin has a gourd shape and is a traditional vegetable variety of Kyoto. The cultivation of its original kind was transported from Tsugaru (Aomori Prefecture) sometime during Edo Period, and it became the current shape of gourd afterward in Shihigatani in Kyoto.

Despite the hot weather, the boiled pumpkin was really delicious. I prayed for my good health under the hot weather. I cannot stay in a air-conditioned room and am very happy that I came to see these pretty flowers vividly blooming under this harsh heat. The cotton roses were very beautiful too. It was a good day, and I feel I'm new with a lot of energy!

Akana Kibune



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