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A light-up event called Kyo no Tanabata (京の七夕) is to be held at various venues in the city. The two main venues are: the Horikawa (堀川) and the Kamogawa (鴨川) areas.

The highlight event of the Horikawa area is "Light Tunnel", reproducing the Milky Way floating in the night sky. Visitors can enjoy going through the beautiful tunnel of bright blue light which lasts about 50 meters.

At the Kamogawa area, a lot of "wind-bell bamboo lamps" are placed all over, creating a fantastic atmosphere on the west bank of the Kamo river.

At the Kamogawa area, a gift of "hand bamboo lanterns" is offered to first 80 visitors. In addition, "Nishijin woven coasters" or "fragrance bookmarks" is offered to 150 visitors at the Horikawa area. "Kyo no Tanabata" has become a new symbolic event of the summer in Kyoto. Please visit the URL below for more details. URL Http://www.kyoto-tanabata.jp/