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Otome no Gion Matsuri (Girls’ Gion Festival) Goods in Store Now!

Otome no Gion Matsuri (Girls’ Gion Festival) Goods in Store Now!

Once Gion Festival begins on July 1, Kyoto gets really bustled. The festival has more than a thousand years of history, feathering the two symbolic events called: YOIYAMA (the eve) and YAMABOKO JUNKO (the parade of decorated floats), both supported by all communities in the area. Why don’t you join and see how the girlish loveliness you bring colors the traditional event♪

Kyoto Karasuma Gojo Tourist Information Center (Yumeyakata), now offers the limited edition of “Otome no Gion Matsuri” goods until the end of July.

Under the theme of “tradition is cute”, Yumeyakata launched the “Otome no Gion Matsuri” project in order to convey the charm of Gion Festival. We capture the tradition with the viewpoints of girls, and produced various events and unique items which we are very proud of!

Why don’t you visit Gion Festival with Yamaboko (floats) goods in your hand, and catch other girls’ envious eyes!

Our recommendations are:

The red one and the navy one with pretty Yamaboko patterns in silver have traditional looks. Isn’t it a nice idea to purchase these two for your boyfriend and yourself? It can be a huge fun to collect stamps together!

If you love colorful items, we recommend the pink or the mint one. Do you see the secrets about them…? Yes, the cover pages of these two are the location maps of the floats. The pink one shows that of the first half festival, while the mint one, the latter half festival. With this in your hand, there’ll be no chance for you to get lost!


Original POSTCARDs in lovely pop colors

380yen/3cards (tax included)

Why don’t you send these cards to your friends? Pretty illustrations of Gion Festival will keep your precious memories in Kyoto.


Original Japanese TENUGUI (Dyed Cotton Towels)

Dyed towels with Yamaboko illustrations

1080yen/piece (tax included)

Yamabokos (floats) of Gion Festival are vividly illustrated on cotton towels. Especially on the white one, all shapes and names of 33 floats are illustrated. Perfect for souvenirs! Maybe even you can use it as an interior decor!!

- Let’s spend our Gion Festival with full of Girl’s Great Loveliness, "Otome-Gokoro" -


Otome no Gion Matsuri Web Page :



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