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UKAI - Cormorant Fishing in Arashiyama

In the Arashiyama area, now the UKAI (a fishing show using trained cormorant birds) shows are performed. Visitors can vire the show from boats on the river.

UKAI is a traditional method of fishing which has been held for more than a thousand years since the Heian era. With the sound of drums, UKAI boats with torches approach so that you will be able to see the spectacle before your very eyes!

It’s such a luxury Heian noble experience.

Why don’t you get a free gift of Aburitori kami (oil blotting facial papers) by visiting there in YUKATA!

When: July 1-September 23 (Except August 16)

Time: 7:00pm and 8:00pm July 1-August 31

6:30pm and 7:30 September 1-23

Fee: 1800yen/adult 900yen/Child (4-12 years old)

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