• Haku

New Gacha in our store

New Gacha machine has been installed at our store

Japanse gashapon machines are similar to the American coin-operated toy vending machines. The items of gashapon are high quality that are usually licensed by popular characters in Japanese comics, video game, anime or etc.♡♡♡

Currently there are three gashapon machines, such as "Cup no FUCHICO", disney, and famous charactors of Kyoto.

How to play:

1. Put the coins in the machine

2. Turn clockwise, and

3. a capsul toy will come out.

You never know what will come out of the machine and it's the charm of Gacha. You will get excited if you got the one you wanted.

The most popular machine in our store is the one of FUCHICO character. FUCHICO is a brand-new booming figure in Japan, which can be set on the edge of any cup.

Please enjoy your morning coffee with Fuchico. Fuchiko is waiting for you at Yumeyakata.