• Akane Kibune

A Walk in Fresh Greenery

The other day, I visited Byodoin Temple (平等院) in Uji (宇治) city with my friend.

Byodoin Temple was built as a villa for Fujiwara no Michinaga (藤原道長), the head of strongest noble clan in the Heisan (平安) era, and rebuilt as a temple by his son Fujiwara no Yorimichi (藤原頼道).

When I was there, I thought it was truly the Gokuraku jodo (極楽浄土, Paradise after one's life) appeared in this real world. I couldn’t help thinking that Michinaga was not able to escape from the fear for his own death. No matter how much money and power Michinaga possessed, the death comes equally like anyone else and he knew it.

After being immersed in the great elegance of Hohoh-doh (鳳凰堂, the phenix Hall) within Byodoin, we stopped by a restaurant called Itokuemon (伊藤九衛門) and had Cha-soba (茶そば, Green tea noodle) and some sweets afterward. Since the Uji is famous for green tea, both were very delicious. We had a great time together.

Akane Kibune