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Cat-Shaped Sundae

Summer is coming soon, and weather in Kyoto is getting hotter. Is there anyone who hates ice cream?

Today I would like to introduce you a cafe called ”Kotobanohaoto”, located close to Kyoto Gosho (The former Imperial Palace). The cafe can be easily overlooked because it is in an ordinary house within the residential district. However, in front of the restaurant, there's always a long queue of people waiting to have a table. What makes the cafe so popular?

It's because of its specialty, the Cat-shaped sundae available only for 20 ppl/ per day.

It's so cute that I don't even know how to start. This is what people call "Instagrammable", isn't it? The toppings vary according to the season, giving you "Wow" each time you visit.

Please try if you visit Kyoto.


Open hour:11:30~19:30 (closed on Tuesdays)

Access :

Yumeyakata → subway Gojo station → Marutamachi. 15 mins. on foot



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