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Tamako Market

Source: http://anime-tourism.com/cgi-bin/map.cgi?Title=たまこまーけっと

Tamako Market (from Tsurebashi website)


Tamako Market http://tamakomarket.com/

The plot takes place in Demachi Masugata Shoutengai, a shopping arcade located in Demachiyanagi area, Kyoto. The Kamogawa river delta and shopping districts appearing in the series are very faithful to the real life ones. The main character's home, a rice cake shop called "Tama", is the replica of the real life "Demachi Futaba" rice cake shop. The cakes there are huge and super yummy, so definitely give it a try! They are also available in the Isetan shopping building in Kyoto station.

Source: https://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2601/A260302/26001520/