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Mifune Matsuri (Three Boats Festival)


Mifune Matsuri is the annual event of Kurumazaki jinja shrine held on every 3rd Sunday of May. Originated back in 1928, a scenery of boating party of Heian era is spectacularly recreated along the bank of Ohi river in Arashiyama district. The purpose of the festival is to commemorate the deceased soul of Kiyohara No Yorinari who has been enshrined as the principal god of the Kurumazaki shrine.


Various kinds of Japanese traditional arts are performed on the three different shaped boats such as Gozabune, Ryutosen, and Gekisyusen. The highlight of the event this year can be Miss Saori Otani, who is acting as Sei Shonagon*.


With gorgeous costumes of Heian era, the pageant adds extra attraction to the fresh greenery of Arashiyama. Please come enjoy this only-once-a-year Heian spectacular!!

*A poet who has became an icon of Heian era.

Officail Web Page (Japanese only) :http://www.kurumazakijinja.or.jp/mifunemathuri2.html How to get to Arashiyama from Information Center (Yumeyataka): 1) Take Kyoto bus No. 73. from Karasuma Gojo to Arashiyama 2) Take Subway from Gojo to Kyoto, and take JR Sanin-line to Saga Arashiyama