• Akane Kibune

Cherry Blossom in FUSHIMI

Ever since Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉), the ruling Daimyo (大名, feudal lord) of the Sengoku (戦国時代, the ear of the war) era in Japan, built the castle in this town called Fushimi (伏見), the town has been kept thriving in many ways.

Thanks to its affluent underground water, many sake (酒) breweries were established here. In the Edo (江戸) era, Fushimi was even more prosperous with many boats come and go on the canal carrying passengers and goods. Today, we enjoy the retrospective scenery with rows of brewery buildings reflecting on the surface of the canal.

I stopped and admired the cherry blossom along the river. It was just breathtaking. Why don’t you come visit Fushimi? If you do, please try YUMEYAKATA Kimono as well. Enjoy your perfect day in Kimono!

Akane Kibune