• Akane Kibune

Blowin’ in the Spring Wind

It was rather warm all day yesterday. So I took a walk.

I visited Kitano Tanmangu (北野天満宮) shrine, and saw the beautiful plum flowers. They were lovely and very graceful.

After visiting the shrine, I stopped by a confectionary store “Panda No Sanpo (ぱんだの散歩, Panda’s Walk) and bought a dish of cute dumpling skewers in the picture above. I had these adorable dumplings at a nearby park and when I finished I found myself feeling very happy and relaxed.

After that, I enjoyed watching a lot of spring flowers along the walk again, and I felt that spring was about to arrive. Cherry trees were embracing their buds which were almost burst into bloom. At some places, I even saw the early blooming cherry flowers.

Spring in Kyoto is wonderful. Maybe next week, Kyoto will be in its prime time of spring. It is truly worth to see.

Kibune Akane

confectionery store Panda’s Walk


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