• yumeyakata

Visit to Rokudochinnoji Temple to welcome ancestors’ spirits

The Obon festival is just around the corner.

During this season we should pay a visit to Chinnoji Temple.

The area around the temple was the place for burial people’s remains, and has been said “crossroads of the six lower worlds” which is the boundary between the next world and this world.

Rokudomairi is held from August 7 to 10. People line up from early morning to ring the temple bell in order to welcome their ancestors’ spirits. The sound reaches the next world. I also rank the temple bell recalling my ancestors.

My grand mother used to say that the ancestors will come back on horseback since they want to come back early.

My grand mother may do so.

When time is coming up to the Obon festival, we will recall ancients.

We should express our appreciation toward them.

Rokudochinnoji Temple: http://www.rokudou.jp/

For more information, click here (google map)

Nearby city bus “Kiyomizu-michi” stop