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6. Meet Maiko-san

Where can we meet Maiko-san in Kyoto? Visit a tea house? Well, it's way too expensive and you need a reference from regular clients. Or if you're lucky, you may bump into Maiko-san at Hanami-Koji Street.

"Gion Corner" is recommended ! You can enjoy the dance performance by Maiko-san♪

Or you visit Kyoto during the "Miyako-odori" or the "Kamigamo-odori", and can enjoy Maiko's dance performance exhibited at the Kaburen-jo theaters.

Yumeyakata is receiving application of real "Maiko Experience". Even if you don't meet true Maiko, you may meet new you.

The information center holds an event to take photos with Maiko on irregular basis. You are so lucky if you can. (Maiko is played by our staff, but she is like the real with the same makeup as real Maiko.)



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