A lot of animes take place in Kyoto!



Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family) 2 released!

The second edition of "Uchouten Kazoku" (The Eccentric Family), who took office as the Kyoto special ambassador for goodwill, was released on April 9!

The plot turns around a family of Tanukis living in Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto. Tanukis and Tengus live along in the city. While watching this anime, Japanese people have fun spotting familiar places: "I know that street, I recognize that place!" They get caught in wanting to visit Kyoto and those familiar places again!Uchouten Kazoku makes then visiting Kyoto even more fun.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the team behind Uchouten Kazoku during their nomination as Kyoto Goodwill Ambassador. The kimonos they are wearing come from Kimono Rental Shop Yumeyakata, where our information center is located. The original mangaka, Tomihiko Morimi, as well as the anime voice actors Takahiro Sakurai (Yasaburou), Mamiko Noto (Benten), Junji Mujima (second series), the anime director Masayuki Yoshihara and the producer Kenji Horikawa came to our shop! They chose Yumeyakata's Premium Plan Houmongi and Montsuki Hakama.

During the previous Uchouten Kazoku event, held in Minamiza Kabuki Theater, the participants were wearing Yumeyakata's yukatas.


The first Uchouten Kazoku event was held in 2013 in the Minamiza Kabuki Theater in Kyoto. The roof of this theater is also featured in the anime ! ^_^



Kyoto Sightseeing in Kimono!

Enjoy Kyoto sightseeing in kimonos and yukatas chosen by the teams behind animes such as "Uchouten Kazoku",  "Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha" and "Chihayafuru"!


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