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Price List[Ticket&Kimono rental set (including tax)]

Possible to purchase the ticket only. at Gojo Shop Information Center or Oike Bettei Check-in counter.

1 Day Ticket…3,000yen/student;2,000yen 1 Month Passport…4,000yen/student3,000

1 Day Ticket with Kimono Rental

※ Valid for 1 day only / Possible to join each venue ONCE ONLY
※ Entrance fee to Nijo Castle is required separately(adult 600yen)

※ Student=High School・University・Academy

※ Free to join KYOTOGRAPHIE for student under junior school
※ Please note that opening hours and closing days of each venue are different.
※ Entrance to each venue up to 30 minutes before closing.
※ KYOTOGRAPHIE is free of charge for the person with a disability certificate and one accompanying person

If you have already purchased KYOTOGRAPHIE passport, 10% discount on kimono rental will be provided by ticket/passport presentation.

1 Month Passport with Kimono Rental

※ Valid between 13 April to 12 May / Possible to join each venue ONCE ONLY
※ It is possible to enter Horikawa-Oike Gallery multiple times.
※ Entrance fee to Nijo Castle is required separately(adult 600yen)

​※ Kimono rental is available once only


『KYOTOGRAPHIE』in kimono Ticket+Kimono Rental Reservation▼


”Photography is such an amazing medium because it transcends the barriers of language to convey a very strong and direct message.”

Lucille Reyboz© 2015 - 2019 KYOTOGRAPHIE

The KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival is held annually over four weeks during the height of the spring tourist season in Kyoto, in a style that is unique in Asia. Exhibitions are spread across the city, staged creatively in various traditional and contemporary settings. The festival creates opportunities, bringing people together of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Now recognized as one of the world’s leading photography events, KYOTOGRAPHIE has attracted some 560,000 visitors from within Japan and overseas since 2013.

As in the past, this year's architectural space unique to Kyoto will exhibit selected photographs from Japan and abroad, with ideas unique to KYOTOGRAPHIE.
There are 15 programs in 11 locations in Kyoto.

Details from here https://www.kyotographie.jp/

Theme for 2019


A VIBE is a distinctive emotional atmosphere, something sensed intuitively and deeply connected to our mood. Vibes rush over you when you meet a person, confront a memory or event, visit a place, hear a piece of music, or remember a time. These invisible waves, both positive and negative alter our experience, they either separate us or connect us.

Lucille Reyboz & Yusuke Nakanishi,
Co-founders and Directors of KYOTOGRAPHIE

You can take photos against the background in KYOTOGRAPHIE.
Would you like join in kimono?

(*Some venues are not allowing to shoot/ excluding Associated Program venue)



01 Albert Watson

The Museum of Kyoto Annex

Closed: 4/15, 4/22, 5/7

10 mins from Oike Bettei


His expressive photographic portraits of famous celebrities, from Alfred Hitchcock to Steve Jobs, continue to dazzle.

13 Osamu James Nakagawa

Gallery SUGATA

11:00—19:00|Closed Day: 4/22

2 mins from Oike Bettei


Born in New York and raised in Japan, Nakagawaʼs “dual identity” allows him to cast a critical eye on divided values across America in the wake of the “America First” electoral campaign from the neutral middle ground of his early-1990s Eclipse series and later Kai series that looks interpersonal ties within his own family.

04 WeronikaGęsicka



Closed: Tuesdays (except 4/30)

4 mins from Oike Bettei


In works that house a new presence, a transformed “truth” is revealed, and the vintage furniture-filled exhibition space gives viewers the sensation of having lost their way in a parallel other-dimension world.

03 Benjamin Millepied

Kondaya Genbei Kurogura

Closed: Wednesdays (except 5/1)

7 mins from Oike Bettei


Benjamin Millepied has his world premiere solo show of black-and-white photos of dancers. Millepied is an internationally renowned dancer-choreographer-filmmaker, who established his own dance company in Los Angeles in 2012.

05 Teppei Kaneuji

Kyoto Shimbun B1F, Former Printing Plant

Closed: 4/14, 4/25, 5/9

10 mins from Oike Bettei


Focusing on how the global circulation of images and text in the form of ink on paper shapes our worldview and collective memory, Kaneuji likens liquid ink to the lifeblood that circulates around the planet and through all organisms.


NTT WEST Sanjyo Collaboration Plaz


2 mins from subway "Shijo" station


You can purchase related products and works of KYOTOGRAPHIE.

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