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61. Beer Garden

When I was a Maiko (舞妓), a beer garden was held on the roof terrace of Kaburenjo (歌舞練場, Maiko theater) every summer. An old Chinese restaurant set a stall there, and we performed a dance by turns on a small stage. We wore Yukata (浴衣, summer cotton Kimono) and danced for several songs. When I was not performing, I was often invited by acquainted customers to their tables.

As for the dancing, I vividly remember that I used to get somewhat nervous, becuase the songs were not the usual ones but the new ones about seasons in Kyoto.

I enjoyed the occasion a lot because it was a kind of unusual experience. I was busy to say hi to many customers from table to table. If I was lucky, I was able to see my favorite Oneisan (お姉さん, elder Geiko) who was already retired.

Fun conversations were everywhere.

Customer: Maiko in Yukata is nice. It gives you a cool look.

Maiko: Is that so? Am I not cool usually?

Customer: What is not cool is the way you talk. Can you speak more elegantly?

Maiko: You are mean~, please don't tease me!

On the next table,

Maiko: Thank you for coming.

Customer: Oh, you are performing tonight! What song are you going to dance?

Maiko: Thank you, I am going to dance "Lightning bugs in summer".

Customer: Alright! Please blow this humidity away by your cool performance.

Maiko: I'll try my best.

Customer: Oh no! Don't try your best. Good dancers are supposed to be nonchalant.

Maiko: You are so right...

Because of the weather, beer was explosively consumed. Everybody looked happy and tipsy!

Thank you so much.

Talk to you later.






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