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Maccha Experience at Jinmatsu-an

Very close to Gojo Karasuma Information Center (literally 30sec walk!), Jinmatsu-an is located. At Jinmatsuan, visitors can experience:

- making tea, and tasting tea and sweets approx. 15min for 1,000yen

- making tea and sweets to taste, approx. 40min for 2,500yen,

Address: Jinmatsu-an, BLK Karasuma 2F, 135 Manjuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, 600-8104 Opening hours: 9am to 9pm (reservation possible from 1 person)

The other day, Samar, one of our staff members, and her partner, tried the full experience at Jinmatsu-an.

In the course, they experienced 3 main steps: grinding the tea leaves, making the sweets, and preparing the tea before the tasting.

Step 1: Grinding the tea leaves

After putting the leaves on the top of the grinder, you slowly make it turn. The grinder looks small, but it actually requires some strength to make it turn! As you grind the leaves, the nice smell of maccha slowly comes out.

When you get enough tea powder, the instructor gathers it for you.

Step 2: Making the sweets

First, sugar and water were mixed and kneaded. Then filter the sugar mixture through a sieve.

And then, the molds to shape for the sweets are chosen.

There are quite a few shapes to choose from, all very cute! (*^^*) Anyways, press the sugar mixture in to the mold you've chosen. After removing the excess, and turn it over, then....

Tadaa! Some cute, nicely shaped Japanese sweets are appreared!

Step 3: Preparing and tasting the tea

Using the tea powder you've just milled, Otemae (preparing the tea) is to be performed by yourself. The instructor guides you during the whole process.

To balance the bitterness of the matcha, you get to eat the sweets before drinking the tea.